SCHOOL OF WEALTH (SOW) is an online and Offline Training / network company that was started by experienced networking team. The name, SOW, simple means School of Wealth where you learn to make and own wealth.
SOW has become an organization that gives a holistic approach to human existence and renders various services that touches the heart of the world.

The highway to wealth is, and always has been, your ability to start and build a successful business.

SCHOOL OF WEALTH was created to uplift people by means of empowerment. To take people from where they are to where they deserve to be. It is here to give resources and future to humanity through Training, networking and empowerment.

SOW is creating jobs and financial freedom to all willing personnel without qualification, colour and tribe. The organization is dedicated at providing men and women of various backgrounds the opportunity to survive and become empowered especially in difficult times. Experience shows that SOW educate its members especially on how to take control of their lives and help them to acquire various types of skills that adequately qualifies them for multiple streams of income.

School of Wealth is the key to your wealth. Give a try today.

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